A well-known fact about Americans is that they are givers. This is particularly true regarding giving to nonprofits, charitable organizations, and worthy causes.

Throughout the USA, companies are willing to donate to fundraisers through online requests on their websites. Below, we will list 77 companies eager to nike donation request grant your donation requests in 2024. Reach out to them and be amazed at their generous offers to assist your fundraiser!

Donation Requests

  1. Charity Safaris

Charity Safaris accepts online requests for donations and gives 100% safari hunting to qualifying nonprofits, charities, and worthy causes. The gifting is in the form nike donation request of hunting safari trips to Argentina, New Zealand, and South Africa. The gifted trips may be sold in live, silent, and online auctions and raffles, and the organization gets to keep all the profits for their cause.

Access their online request form by visiting the Charity Safaris website.

  1. Elite Island Resorts

Elite Island Resorts offers a no-cost donation of Caribbean Vacation Certificates to exotic beachfront destinations such as Antigua, Barbados, Panama, and the Grenadines. nike donation request Your nonprofit organization can use these in live, silent, or online auctions and raffles to raise 100% profit off sales for your cause and provide a memorable lifetime holiday for a lucky person.

Click here to see if your organization qualifies to complete an online donation request form and raise significant funds for your nonprofit.

  1.  The Walt Disney Company

Disney joins nonprofits and charitable organizations to bring affirmative, relevant, and measurable impact to communities through in-kind contributions and employee nike donation request volunteers to raise funds for a given cause. They support health, social empowerment, and conservation.

See if your organization qualifies by filling out their online donation request form.

  1. The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton has a program called Community Footprints, which zero in on relief for hunger and poverty, children’s well-being, and the environment’s restoration and maintenance. They proudly partner with nonprofit organizations that support these aspirations. Requests for donations may be made here.

  1. Coca Cola

Coca-Cola gives aid to 501(c)(3) compliant nonprofit organizations in the USA. They provide help through monetary donations, sponsorships, and product donations. Determine if your organization is eligible by completing the online donation request form here.

Donation Requests from Other Companies

  1. Cisco

This company offers donations to nonprofits through its philanthropic arm, the Cisco Foundation. They donate network technology through the Product Grant program to improve set-up and productivity. Global Impact Cash Grants are awarded to struggling communities with dire human needs, economic power, and education, specifically for community-based grants for the Bay Area in California. Click here to make online requests for donations.

  1. Ben and Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s offers grants nationally and at the state level in Vermont. The donations are specifically directed to community organizations across the USA. Ben and Jerry’s are big on human rights and social justice. Check their website for more information about the donation request criteria.

  1. American Electric Power

American Electric Power, through its foundation, offers donations to nonprofits nationally and those located within the AEP service area. They specifically support STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education, housing, and hunger assistance. Nonprofits with 501(c)(3) certificates must secure an invitation to apply for grants from their local AEP and will then be directed to apply online. You can find more details on their information page.

  1. Dunkin’ Donuts

The Dunkin’ Joy in Childhood Foundation supports organizations that have hunger relief as their cause.

Grants are made to food pantries and banks, grocery delivery programs, community gardens, and other food-based philanthropic causes.

Request a donation for your nonprofit organization directly on their website.

  1. General Motors

General Motors gives aid to 501(c)(3) compliant organizations that focus on STEM education and community development. They also support road and vehicle well-being initiatives and education. Eligible nonprofit organizations can visit the company’s website and follow the steps for securing a donation request.

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